I am a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Earth Sciences at Syracuse University and an EMPOWER Trainee. 

I am broadly interested in understanding processes that impact water quality in surface water and groundwater. The primary focus of my PhD research is to characterize sources of contamination in surface water and groundwater and elucidate the controls of hydrogeologic flow paths on solute transport in headwater catchments. My research has a strong computational component coupled with field and laboratory work. My interests encompass the use of chemical tracers, mathematics and modeling, in the associated fields of energy and potable water studies. Please refer to my current research projects page for more information regarding these topics. 

Research Interests:

Geochemical tracers
Detection of contamination in natural water systems
Science communication and education
Hydrologic processes in headwater catchments
Hydrologic response to human impact and/or climate disruption

Research Assistants: 

In 2014, we welcomed the addition of two personal research assistants to the group:
                                                               Stetson (left) & Juno (right)

img_3555       img_20160820_105825

26199184443_1969570a5a_oKristina Gutchess

Department of Earth Sciences
Syracuse University
204 Heroy Geology Building
Syracuse, NY, 13244
Email: kmgutche@syr.edu